Quarantine: How to Stop Snacking?

Quarantine: How to Stop Snacking?

The Global Pandemic, due to the fatal coronavirus, has spread fear and anxiety everywhere. All over the world, non-essential businesses and shops have closed down. The only places to open for a few hours are grocery stores and pharmacies. In every corner of the world, people have locked themselves at home, fearing the deadly COVID-19. And, that is what we call QUARANTINE!

In today’s blog, I will discuss an important aspect of quarantine, which is snacking. Yes, it is true that we all have a habit of snacking every now and then. But, the quarantine has tormented us with the craving to snack all the time. But why? And, how to stop snacking in quarantine? What are some affordable and healthy snack options? Let’s find out together!

Quarantine and Snacks: What’s the relation?

Sitting on the couch, watching the hours tick by-this is how most of us are spending our days currently. Initially, when one gets to know about having a long time at home, it seems like a vacation. Children can play endlessly; the school-going youth may get excited to realize that they can spend hours on the internet without fearing any exam, and mothers may consider taking a break from their daily chores. And similarly, a majority can fantasize about all the fabulous things that they can get done. 

However, with the pandemic, the reality is different. Apart from the fear of falling ill, people do not have much to do. They can make the fantasies a reality, but how long before that bores them too?

Well, this boredom has stimulated one major problem, which is the need to snack more. These days, most of us are in the kitchen, finding something to munch on or merely satisfy the cravings the tiniest bit.

You see, a mind can easily confuse boredom with hunger, and as a result, we end up consuming more calories than we should. Thus, giving rise to health problems, such as obesity. Find out ways to stop it in the next section!

3 Easy Ways to Stop Snacking

Honestly, the most obvious way to quit snacking is to quit buying snacks! I know that sounds an obvious one, but that’s the basic one.

I do realize it’s quite too challenging to keep yourself from purchasing and storing and also a bit too risky, considering the present quarantine time. Hence, below I have listed some ways which can help you reduce (if not quit) your snacking dilemma.

1. Eat Square Meals

A square meal refers to a wholesome meal, which means that it should comprise of all essential nutrients. So, make sure each of your meal consists of all the right and needed nutrients in the right quantity. 

But that’s not enough. At the start of the day, or better, at the beginning of the week, pick a pen and a paper and plan;

How many meals are you going to consume each day?

The duration of the interval between them

What will they contain?

Experts suggest the consumption of at least three meals a day with equal intervals in between them. Also, these should contain enough fats, carbs, and proteins to energize you enough for the execution of planned activities. Consuming additional vitamins and minerals benefit you in the long-run and keep tiredness away. Thus, eliminating the need for consuming food unnecessarily.

2. Manage Your Calories & Nutrient Intake

Although it’s best to take ta professional advice before planning your diet, the present times do not allow us to ado visit the hospitals and clinics for such a concern. Hence, you’ll have to do with your logic and advice available online. Or if your fortunate enough, from an expert friend.

Our recommendations, based on authentic research is as follows;

Consume 15-20 grams of protein with breakfast in the forms of eggs, milk, yogurt, cottage cheese, etc. Protein satisfies your hunger for a longer time. Thus, preventing snacking.

Consume more complex carbs in lunch. For this, you can depend on nuts, poultry, fish, starchy vegetables, rice, pasta, etc. Remember, all forms of processed foods contain simple carbs that do not bring a fulfilling feeling.

At dinner, focus more on vegetables as they eradicate the need for late-night snacks. However, one-quarter of your dinner should also have lean-protein.

3. Stay Hydrated 

At times, snacking is not a result of insufficient food intake but inadequate water intake. Yes, you read that, right! And so, staying hydrated is the best way to combat excessive snacking during this quarantine.

We know water can get a bit boring. So, we recommend you to try other exciting options to stay hydrated like different types of detox water, slushy drinks, and even different types of tea!

Try these Cheap and Healthy Snacks

If you are still unable to control the snacking, then substitute your daily-consumed snacks with the following options. These snack options are healthy, as well as cheap. So that over-snacking does not bust a hole in your pocket.

  • A bowl of nuts and seeds
  • Fruit salad
  • Diced carrots, cucumber, or tomatoes.
  • Hummus
  • Pancakes
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