Guidelines for Restaurants

Thank you for deciding to list your restaurant on As a business owner, you might find’s Largest Food Platform of great benefit. is here with greater motives of augmenting the present-day food culture, bringing forward the most authentic recipes, exploring cuisines, and much more. And your contribution to the platform’s growth is even greater!

Before proceeding onwards, here is an articulation of guidelines that you must comprehend to list your restaurant.

Restaurant’s Information

At, every visitor and user holds significant importance. We tend to value the unique visitors and foodies. Hence, it is for their convenience and feasibility that we monitor each aspect of the platform vigilantly. We aim to provide all the users a friendly, convenient, and enjoyable experience. With you becoming a contributor at our site, we hope that you strictly follow the guidelines stated below, and help us maintain a unique Foodies experience for all.

We do not accept any listing that does not surpass the below-stated criteria. For further details, contact

1. Name

You must register the restaurant name as it appears originally on the board. It is the owner’s responsibility to ensure the accuracy and originality of the name. Incorporation of any taglines, phrases, and verses will not get accepted. You may mention such data in the description, but not along with the name. Generally, users tend to remember the restaurant’s name as they appear outside the existing boards. Hence, such incorporation can create doubt and depreciate the ease of use. The longer names also tend to create obstacles in restaurant search. Thus, precise, shorter, and easy-to-pronounce names get highly appreciated by us. However, if your restaurant did get legally registered with a tagline or phrase, then we may accept it. Also, we do not accept abbreviations in the names, such as TG or DB. It can influence the search results negatively, which can deteriorate a user’s experience. Please contact us at for further inquiries. 

2. Address

Apart from a user-friendly name, it is our core duty to ensure that the restaurant address stated at our site allows the user to navigate and reach the place on time. As a business owner, it falls in your responsibilities to coordinate with the and submit your restaurant address accordingly. We accept the restaurant addresses of the following standard:

(Area / Town), (Nearby Landmark), (Road Name), (City)

Also, avoid adding more than one landmark as it increases the length of the restaurant and makes it less user-friendly. As mentioned earlier, try to avoid the usage of abbreviations and prefer full names. For example, prevent the use of St. and No. for navigational convenience.

Moreover, if your restaurant is present in a building or has levels, then we will mention the specific floor level to avoid misconceptions. It is recommendable to state it along with the restaurant address.

3. Features

The restaurant features help a user make the decision upon dining at a place or not. At, we ensure the authenticity of these claimed features before tagging to maintain the quality. Do mention the facilities that your restaurant offers, such as wheelchair accessibility, restroom availability, car park, children-related facilities. Please note that the Pure-Veg tag refers to the restaurants offering only a vegetarian menu. Apart from meat, pure vegan excludes all dairy products like eggs and milk. A Smoking area tag for restaurants that allow smoking outside the building will not get accepted. Add this tag only if you have a separate smoking lounge that does not affect the non-smoking community.

4. Business Hours

Users at can find suitable restaurants to dine at using the preferred timing scale. Hence, we only add the dine-in hours of the restaurant. You can mail your custom delivery timings at If your restaurant has unspecified timings, such as Late Night, then please contact for special adjustments. Also, please note that we use a 24-hour clock to display business hours of a restaurant.

Photograph Submission Criteria

The prime purpose of adding a photograph is to give the diner an idea about the ambiance of your restaurant. An insight into the atmosphere of your restaurant helps the diner make the final decision.

Maintaining a decorum of authenticity and reliability on the platform, we accept pictures that conform to the following standards:

  1. Clicked photographs should depict the actual exterior and interiors of the restaurant. Photographs of the restaurant with occasional furniture, decorations, or set up will not be accepted as they can mislead the diner.
  2. The photographs must not include people. Be it, staff or customers.
  3. Food Photographs must represent the food that the restaurant will serve.
  4. Submissions must abide by the contextual data provided by your restaurant (i.e., address, the area covered, facilities, etc.)

Please note that does not accept stock images, even if you have legally purchased them. We aim to deliver accurate and honest information to our users. Thus, we avoid using commercial, multipurpose pictures from google or stock image websites. Also, images dominated by contact information or logos will not get accepted.

To make your restaurant, diner’s final decision, we suggest:

Submit horizontal, high-resolution pictures, i.e., 1200 × 800 pixels or more that represent the diverse concepts, and offerings of your restaurant. Please share the pictures in sequential order starting with;

  1. Exterior Shots: Including the entrance and the board. Please avoid sending pictures with social media logos or usernames.
  2. Ambiance Shots: Including seating arrangement and other relevant details.
  3. Food Shots: Make sure the images represent the best food offered by your restaurant.

Conditions for a New Listing  

If any user finds the listing inappropriate or there are any significant changes, then will create a new listing for the restaurant. These changes may include a transformation of the entire cuisine, noteworthy alterations in the establishment of the restaurant, and shifting of addresses. We will not create a new listing for an addition or subtraction in the restaurant’s name until the entire name gets entirely changed. For further inquiries, please contact us