10-Essential Tools for Baking

10-Essential Tools for Baking

Either as a hobby or profession, baking good is an absolute delight. It is fun, exciting, and at times, refreshing. Watching the pale batter turn into soft fluffy muffins or transforming a plain sponge cake into an artistically decorated cake is certainly satisfying.

So, are you new to baking? Have you decided to explore the field of baking? Do you want to create delicious cakes and pies? Well, then it is of immense importance to step-up your kitchen with some essential tools for baking.

In today’s blog, I have poured in some of my baking knowledge as well as others to create the ultimate 10-essential tools for the baking list. Read to unravel!

1. Measuring Cups & Spoons

You see, unlike cooking, the process of baking involves measurement of quantities and precision. You can not add eggs or pour in milk without measuring them. If you do so, then the baked item will turn into a disaster. Once I added more baking powder to the cake batter because I thought ½ tsp was a little less. And, the result was a cake with an ugly mountainous top. Trust me; you do not want to mess with the recipe and measurements required.

Thus, one of the most important tools for baking is a set of measuring cups and spoons. Measuring spoons get used for dry ingredients, whereas measuring cups get used for liquid ingredients. They are available in numerous styles and materials, such as stainless steel, plastic, and glass.

2. Spatula

Generally, a baking spatula refers to a thin and flexible blade made from stainless steel. Bakers use it to apply and perfect the frosting layer on cakes and other foodstuffs. However, there are other kinds of spatulas as well for flipping, turning, and scraping purposes. Depending on the use, they are available in different materials as well, including rubber and silicone.

3. Mixing Bowls

Bowls are absolute must-have tools. From muffins to cakes, you will need a mixing bowl to make the batter of every baked good. Baking involves a lot of mixing and folding, so ensure that you have a couple of deep, round mixing bowls available in your kitchen. Usually, it is better to have a large, medium, and small mixing bowl. However, one medium-sized mixing bowl will be good enough for all the baking journeys.

4. Pastry Brush

Pastry brushes come in all materials and sizes. You will find pastry brushes manufactured from nylon fiber, natural bristles, plastic, and silicone. In general terms, a pastry brush gets used to spread melted butter or oil on different foodstuffs. However, in baking, a pastry brush typically serves in baking bread and pastries. Bakers use this cooking utensil to spread egg wash or glaze over the crust of bread. You can also use it to spread BBQ sauces on meat.

5. Whisk 

A whisk has a long narrow handle with wire loops connected at the end. It is a handy tool for whipping, which is a process that incorporates air into the mixture. If you do not have a hand-mixer or stand-mixer, then you can use a whisk to whip cream. The whisk is also best for mixing dry ingredients together.  

6. Fine-Mesh Sieve

A fine-mesh sieve comes into use for separating different elements from each other or clumps from fine-textured flour. Furthermore, with a sieve, one can sift, which is an important technique in baking.

7. Wire Rack

Every baked good should get cooled down before decorating and serving. Often, people cool down their baked goods on a plate or tray. It is a wrong practice because one side of the baked item becomes soggy. From cookies to cupcakes, you need to place the freshly baked items in a way that air circulates in them. Hence, the wire rack is a must-have tool in your kitchen.

8. Parchment Paper

Parchment papers, also known as baking paper, are moisture and grease resistant paper that help preserve the beauty and shape of your baked goods. If you do not line the pans and molds with this, chances are your baked item will not come out in one piece.

9. Muffin & Cookie Trays

Do you want to bake those perfectly round cookies and circular fluffy muffins? Well, then you need to have some muffin and cookie trays. These are available in many shapes, sizes, and materials. You can use a muffin tray as a cupcake tray too.   

10. Pans & Molds 

Perhaps, pans and molds are the utmost essential utensils in baking. They come in unique sizes and materials and hold the runny batters of cakes, cupcakes, muffins, and other foodstuffs. They do not only give the shape but are made such that they do not explode when placed in the oven.

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