Ridan House of Mandi – Khalid Bin Waleed Road

Ridan House of Mandi – Khalid Bin Waleed Road


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About this Business

A new addition to Pakistan’s food industry, Ridan House of Mandi came in Karachi after huge success from the Middle East. They provide authentic Arabic cuisine, which is hard to find in Pakistan. Ridan House of Mandi opened in Khalid Bin Walid Road, Karachi.

The restaurant was designed in the basement level. They have kept the Saudi tradition alive by offering dastar khawan style seating. The walls have intricate designs, and western style furniture is placed there too. The restaurant’s outlook is very similar to its Riyadh branch. The menu is not very vast.

They have mutton, chicken, and fish Mandi available with Arabic salads and desserts. The taste is very similar to the actual Mandi, but not exact keeping in mind the desi taste buds. They serve all the authentic desserts. If you ever happen to visit Ridan, then don’t forget to try their mutton special Mandi.