What is Carbonated Water & Is it Good for You?

What is Carbonated Water & Is it Good for You?

I was sleeping soundly. At about 1 a.m., my front door got banged with such a force that I almost stumbled off my bed. The lady living next door was here, demanding the cancellation for a license, I do not have.


For a minute, I did not get the hang of it. And then, I remembered: About a month ago, in a casual conversation regarding her damaging gastrointestinal health, I suggested her to try carbonated water. I explained it’s benefits.

But unfortunately, it seemed like the fizzy-drink loving lady heard what she wanted to hear; Carbonated Drink. She replaced 80% of her water intake with carbonated drinks, i.e., Coca Cola and other fizzy drinks.

Today, I’m giving it a go again; Explaining the positives and negatives (just saying!) of carbonated water, hoping I’ll be able to redeem the non-existent license that was taken away that night.😂But remember, it’s Water and not drink.

What is Carbonated Water?

The carbonated water comprises carbon dioxide, water, and at times, minerals. Carbon dioxide gets either infused or occurs naturally due to the geological systems (springs).

At a glance, the carbon m water appears as regular water, but it contains small carbon dioxide bubbles. The common names for carbonated water include soda water, seltzer, sparkling water, and fizzy water. Carbonated water also has two types; one that gets manufactured and one that is present naturally (Sparkling natural mineral water). It may contain various infused or naturally occurring minerals, such as sodium chloride, potassium citrate, disodium phosphate, and sodium citrate.

The carbon water has an acidic nature, as the mixing of carbon dioxide and water produces a weak carbonic acid. Hence, the pH value of the carbonated drink lies between 3-4. Also, it produces a somewhat prickly and burning taste. Amazingly, many find the taste satisfying. 

Originally, William Brownrigg mixed the water with carbon back in 1740. However, he did not receive recognition. It is because he did not have published papers. It was later, in 1767, when Joseph Priestly was working at a brewery, that he accidentally invented carbonated water. Full of curiosity, Joseph risked on trying the drink instead of throwing away the accidental creation. Upon tasting, he felt strange satisfaction and published a paper called ‘Impregnating water with Fixed air’ Since then, the popularity of the water grew, and the first large carbon water production house opened in 1781. The drink lost its fame during the previous decades. But these days, it has taken a turn around, and people are chanting the mantras of the carbonated water. Let’s evaluate this trendy water further!

Link with Digestion

Several studies confirm that carbonated water has a positive association with digestion. The sparkling water keeps the ingested food in the first portion of the stomach for a longer time. Thus, bringing a feeling of fullness and reducing the intake of food. For those individuals who are striving to cut down some weight, the water is of immense help.

Another reason why carbonated water is good for you is that it eases the ingestion and egestion processes for you. Speaking of the ingestion process first, studies conducted in 2016 affirms that it may enhance swallowing abilities and reduce the need for clearing throats substantially. Similarly, the carbonated water also improves peristaltic movements and helps to relieve constipation in both adults and youngsters.

Link with Teeth

The main concern of any individual with carbonated water can be dental health. It is because an acidic drink gets directly in contact with the enamel. However, please know that your teeth will be perfectly safe. In the past few decades, several studies have shown that sugar-free carbonated drinks damage teeth enamel 100-times less than sugary drinks and slightly more than still water. However, if the carbonated drink also contains sugar, then your enamel can get severely damaged.

Link with Heart

According to research in 2018, the carbonated water may improve heart health. In the study, 18-women who drank carbonated water showed lesser signs of sugar, inflammation, LDL cholesterol (bad). However, there HDL cholesterol (good) increased significantly. Also, the research concluded with the women having 35% lower chances of heart-related diseases.

So, whenever anyone asks, is carbonated water good for you, know that it is but when consumed appropriately. Considering the above-stated study and results, a moderate intake of carbonated water can bring great digestive and heart benefits. However, before you go on drinking carbonated water, talk to a medical expert.

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