Top 5 Italian Restaurants in Islamabad

Top 5 Italian Restaurants in Islamabad

In Pakistan, the international cuisines have taken a strong grasp of the ever-changing food trends. Amongst all of these international cuisines, Italian cuisine has cast a strong influence over the Pakistani food culture, especially in the capital territory, Islamabad. Every other day, new Italian restaurants are sprouting up, and most of the food-passionate masses find themselves in confusion. The situation is particularly bad for the ones who seek only fine-dining experiences. But worry not!

I have researched for you and compiled a collection of the best 5 Italian restaurants in Islamabad. So, read more to unravel your next dining spot!

1. Tuscany Courtyard

The Tuscany Courtyard is a famous Italian restaurant located in the Kohsar market F-6, Islamabad. Radiating a lavish aura, the food place greatly uplifts one’s mood and appetite. It has an aesthetically-pleasing ambiance with Italian-styled seating and décor. The Tuscany Courtyard offers a variety of Italian cuisine, which dominates in pasta-oriented dishes.

From Penne to Farfalle, the Tuscany Courtyard serves the best Italian flavors and tastes. You can make yourself comfortable outside and enjoy the Italian dishes in the breezy atmosphere or stay inside and munch on warm Alfredo pasta. There is also a roof-top seating arrangement so that you can dine as per your desires.  

This stunning three-story restaurant is a must-try place. Once there, you can always expect a high-quality dining experience.

2. Smokey Cauldron

Are you in love with JK Rowling’s magical world where wizards and witches make wonders happen? Do you want to be a part of Harry’s mesmerizing and exciting world? Well, perhaps, all the Potterheads do!

Surely, we cannot change the reality (until one day, the Hogwart’s acceptance letter does show up *fingers crossed*), but we can momentarily experience the magic.

At Smokey Cauldron, the entrance is sufficient enough to excite you from to bottom. It is not identical to Hogwarts, but the effects can get a shiver down your spine. The ancient-looking restaurant exterior, with triangular windows, looks entrancing.

Inside, the whole place appears as if from the Harry Potter movies. Apart from the exotic ambiance, the Smokey Cauldron offers good quality Italian food with excellent service. Unlike Tuscany, the Smokey Cauldron’s menu extends to more food variations, especially in fast-food. You can munch on tasty Italian pasta as well as scrumptious cheeseburgers. Surely, a must-try place!

3. Pappasallis

Located in Bahria town phase 7, Pappasallis is an enthusiastic and happening Italian restaurant. The restaurant does not only bring the Italian spirit with the delicious Italian food but also celebrates every event with the same vigor. Up until now, the restaurant has hosted several events for its valuable customers like Birthday Bash, Women’s day, a seafood festival, etc.

What’s more, the restaurant also brings exciting deals and discounts now and then to keep the customers happy and the love for Italian food, alive in Islamabad. And when it comes to the food, they make sure that it matches the buoyancy of the atmosphere. Many have tried and loved the dishes on their menu, but the highlights include Stuffed Mushroom, Chicken Tikka Pizza, Chicken Parmesan, and Chicken Alakive.

4. Café Aylanto

The Café Aylanto is another top-rated Italian restaurant in Islamabad. With an intriguing entrance, the Café Aylanto has maintained an Italian-ish ambiance throughout its brief history. Even more exciting is the food offered at the restaurant. Once there, you will find the most authentic Italian recipes and flavors. From Margarita Pizza to Ravioli pasta, the Café ensures to serve all the dishes in their interesting signature style.

With an eccentric atmosphere, the restaurant offers some of the best service, food, and facilities. It is undeniably a good place for friends or family gatherings, though a bit costly.

5. Zigolini’s Italian

Emphasizing particularly on the modern Italian cuisine with dishes like Caprese Classic Salad, Risotto Alla Milanese, Chicken Tortellini with Cream sauce, etc., Zigolini’s brought a new aspect of Italian cuisine to the city. Chef Carlos and his team worked tirelessly to design the finest of menus with the most genuine and unique of all recipes. They’ve also upgraded the sweet game and offer incomparably good desserts like the Panna Cotta with Berry Coulis. To complement the menu upgrades, they’ve refurbished the ambiance and decor as well. They open their gates from Monday to Saturday from 12 to 11 pm.


Now, you know about all the top-rated as well as worth-visiting Italian restaurants in Islamabad. So, choose wisely the next time you decide to eat Italian cuisine. Certainly, we all love to experience the best of bests at our mealtimes. Hence, I have done some painstaking digging and found the trustable top-5 Italian restaurants in Islamabad. Select your next Foodie spot from here and spend quality time!

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