The Best Chocolate Desserts in the World

The Best Chocolate Desserts in the World

There may not be a single statement over which the world has ever mutually, happily agreed upon, except one rare but undeniably true exception:

Chocolate is the best dessert of all times!

Yes, out of all the life and death matters, that’s the only one that has all of the earth’s population united in harmony. And why shouldn’t it? Chocolate tastes good and feels good. Scientifically, chocolate provides you with phenethylamine, which is a compound that your brain releases when you feel loved. It also provides loads of zinc potassium, iron, and selenium. The flavonols in the chocolates and dark chocolates protect the skin against damage from the sun’s harmful radiations. What’s more, the flavonols also reduce memory loss in the elderly.

To top the benefits-of-chocolate cake with a cherry, here’s another fun and commonly known fact: There are endless ways to consume it!

No, we’re not talking about eating it in the form of bar or blocks but entirely different recipes! There are several different desserts that you can make out of chocolate. Each one of them tempts the chocoholics in their own unique and arresting way. Here, we have gathered for you the best chocolate desserts in the world!


Brigadeiro is a Brazilian dessert comprising of cocoa powder, condensed milk, butter, and chocolate sprinkles. On the outside, the dessert resembles Choco balls. It has a rough texture (with sprinkles) and a chewy interior. The inside tastes like a gooey brownie, and with the sprinkle crunch, it goes together well.

Technically, the Brigadeiro dessert is a chocolate truffle. Also, it is available in a lot of different variations. Mostly, the variation is visible in the form of topping change. People replace chocolate sprinkles with rainbow sprinkles, white chocolate, and even nuts.

Nama Chocolate 

Created by a chocolatier named Masakazu Kobayashi, Nama Chocolate is a unique kind of chocolate dessert that the experts prepare from melted cocoa and fresh cream. It is a type of ganache.

Often, the solidified version of the mixture gets topped and sprinkled with cocoa powder. The reason why it ended up in this list is the fact that this sweet, silky, and rich delicacy melts as soon as it’s in your mouth. You can not use it in cooking but enjoy it as regular chocolate after a meal. It also has a very short life. Even at low-temperature storage, it lasts only for about a month.

Nanaimo Bars

Nanaimo bar is a no-bake chocolate dessert. Generally, it comprises of three different layers, with chocolate ganache on top and custard in the middle. The last layer is a coconut crumb base, which also contains wafer and nuts like almonds and walnuts.

Externally, the dessert appears rich and spongy, but as you take a bite, you will feel the creamy richness of the chocolate and custard blend, melt onto your tongue and fill you with a euphoric feeling.  When prepared with expertise, the taste is so rich that it can compare to our Mithais!

The crunchy wafer base brings in a twist to eliminate the gooey factor. These bars got named after a city on Vancouver Island called Nanaimo.


As the most well-known, cherished and celebrated Viennese Culinary specialties, Sachertorte is not only a chocolate cake – It is a beauty to behold. It comprises three chocolate sponge cake layers with apricot jam in between. The cake itself has a dry texture. So, it’s the jam and silky chocolate that binds everything together in your bite. Usually, restaurants serve it with unsweetened whip cream.

Just like the taste of the cake, it’s history is as rich and interesting. Two legendary Sachertorte-producing institutes fought a case to lay claim to the recipe’s ownership. The two parties, namely Hotel Sacher and Demel Patisserie, in the end, received recognition for producing two different (only slightly) variations of the Sachertorte cake. Demel’s version was smooth and dense, with two layers of apricot jam.

The Sacher’s have a grainier sponge cake with only one layer of apricot jam between two layers of chocolate sponge cake. Today, there exist several different varieties, but all seem to have the same heavenly taste. What’s more, the cake even has a day named after it! The United States celebrates National Sachertorte Day on the 5th of December!

Whoopie Pie

The Whoopie pie originated in the United States, is a unique chocolate dessert. You can call it either a cookie, pie or a cake. It consists of two mound-shaped chocolate cakes with a frosting sandwiched between them. Other than chocolate, people use pumpkin and gingerbread circular cake mounds.

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