Smart Cooking - An Overview

Smart Cooking – An Overview

You are sitting peacefully on the chair, reading your all-time favorite novel Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

You are on that intense part of the story when Harry is about to witness Snape’s murder, but then the phone rings. “Hello Ji Beta, How are you? It’s been long since we last met. So, what about a get together at your house?”. Reluctantly, you reply, “ Ji Phuppo, it is a very good idea, indeed.”

“ Well then, kids and I are coming to your house tonight-

-but Phuppo today?”

“Yes, yes, it will be so much fun!”

“But, I can’t-

“Will see you tonight. Bye, take care!”

“No…, Phuppo? Phuppo?!”-realizing there is almost nothing cooked in your fridge, you rush to your kitchen. Chopping the herbs, blending them in the traditional hand blenders, adjusting the flames, and pause. Well, everything that you do is manual, from blending to making sure the water’s appropriately boiled for tea. Undeniably, cooking is an art that involves creativity, originality, and most importantly, the tranquility. But, these elements fade into the background when one has to deal with sudden Dawats and get together parties. Amidst such situations, all one needs is a way to cook conveniently and quickly. But, will that be possible with our usual traditional kitchens? Certainly, not! Perhaps, this is why the world has transitioned into an advanced and modish era, where people do not merely cook, but they cook smartly.

Read along to attain a better insight into this newly surfaced concept of Smart Cooking and augment your lifestyle.

What does Smart Cooking mean?

The mere integration of technology into your kitchen and daily cooking-associated activities is known as Smart Cooking. But wait, does that mean if you’re using a smartphone to learn how to bake a banana cake, you’re already cooking smartly? Well, not exactly.

In the present times, several kitchen appliances have been upgraded and equipped with smart features, and many new gadgets have been manufactured to make the cooking process intelligent & convenient. To make the term clearer for you, the primary difference between a regular kitchen appliance and a smart one is of connectivity. Technically, a smart appliance is one that can connect to the internet or other devices by any means (be it Bluetooth or WiFi). While the best, a regular appliance can offer is a small screen and a few buttons.

The connectivity network of one appliance with another is known as IoT, which stands for the Internet of Things. Devices can communicate with each other so that you have to put in minimal effort to get things done. Thus, it even saves time. This smart technology brings about home automation, which in turn offers greater efficiency and convenience.

3 – Smart Appliances for Kitchen

Smart Cooking comes with a kitchen equipped with intelligent devices and gadgets. So, while you search for the Kitchen gadgets, do not forget these to add these smart appliances for the kitchen into your cart. 

1. Smart Refrigerator

This phenomenal innovation in the field of refrigerator manufacturing has created immense feasibility in cooking. The smart refrigerators adjust the temperature in each compartment, according to the food items. With an inner camera, the smart refrigerators allow one to view everything inside without actually having to open it. Also, with compatible applications, you can view the interior of the fridge from almost anywhere. Are you amazed? Well, the next feature is even more astounding. The smart refrigerator comes with a huge touchscreen panel, which can display recipes, to-do-lists, menus, and much more. In some models, you can even enable the recipe-reading mode as well as play music while cooking the meal.

2. Smart Kettle

Coffee or Tea is an essential component of the Pakistani lifestyle. Breakfast without a cup of tea or coffee always remains incomplete. However, the struggle of making that cup seems unexplainably tiring. At times, when you have to force yourself against the morning lethargy and put the water to boil. Fortunately, the availability of smart kettle in our kitchen can solve all the problems. The device has features like Wi-Fi compatibility,  LCD touchscreen, enhanced temperature control, and instant water boil modes. You can bring the water to boil instantly on the desired temperature and cherish your favorite type of beverage.

3.   Smart Garden

Nature and technology are an impossible combination. Isn’t it?

Smart Garden has defied all monstrous conceptions of clawing machines hunting green sprouts all over the earth and scraping them off from the roots for once and for all. Instead, this technology demonstrates how science and technology can help the green little plant buddies become greener! Smart Gardens use the phenomena of hydroponics to allow you to grow and nurture your very own herbs, salad leaves, vegetables, and other desired plants, right there in the kitchen. As a smart gadget, they are connected to the WiFi and provide optimal light to the plants through LED lights. The systems even provide timely alerts when green buddies need maintenance or water.

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