Pakistani Street Food

Pakistani Street Food

The perpetual presence of food stalls selling that Anday Wala burger and the Masaladar fries has evolved into an integral part of Pakistani food culture. It is amazing to note that almost every other street has several Pakistani street food sellers. Wandering in the Pakistani bazaars and street, one is likely to come across brightly lit and decorated food stalls, the aromatic atmosphere making the everyday business even more exhilarating. The prime purpose of street food is to satisfy hunger pangs while traveling. However, Pakistani street food has become so diverse and exotic that often people categorize it separately in Pakistani food.

Whether it be plain salted Makai or the attractive multi-colored Gola Ganda, the native population, as well as the tourists, seems to be entranced by the scrumptious and diverse Pakistani street food. So, if you are in Pakistan, the country of passionate food-lovers, then be prepared for an enthralling Pakistani food journey!


Apart from being a must-have dish in Ramadan, the Pakoras are available all year round in Pakistan. The hot crispy Pakoras dipped into the green chutney creates an outstanding tangy flavor. Undeniably, one experiences a satisfying feeling when biting into the tender basin mixture inside with chopped onions, chili, herbs, and Chaat masala. One can easily find a wide variety of Pakoray, including Mirch Pakoras, Bread Pakoras, and Aloo Pakoras, at any Pakistani street food stall.

Chicken Shawarma

The narrow Chicken Shawarma stations, located in the center of every Pakistani food street, provide the best Chicken Shawarma version! Although you can order one at any local restaurant, the unique flavor of those street stations is unexplainable. The layers of flattened chicken meat placed in the center of these stations and the various ingredients in the respective containers at the base look vaguely old-fashioned. A mouth-watering aroma permeates the atmosphere and when the steaming chicken Shawarma comes into the plate, Oh My! A burst of flavors explodes into the mouth when you bite into the pita bread that encases shredded chicken, sauces, herbs, seasonings, chopped onions, chili, cucumber, tomato, and many other vegetables. Certainly, it is a must-try option!

Gola Ganda

Do you feel like washing over the Pakistani summer heat with something icy and chilled? Well, try out the colorful popsicles Gola Ganda! The crushed ice shaped into cones and drizzled with various colored sweet syrups. Served on a stick, the vendors often garnish the multi-colored Gola Ganda with chocolate syrup and condensed milk.

Channa Chaat & Dahi Baray

The Channa Chaat and Dhahi Baray combination is a popular one amongst the Pakistani street food variation. The Channa Chaat primarily comprises of boiled chickpeas, chopped onion, tomato, chili, parsley, lemon juice, chutneys, Papar, and Chaat masala. However, at times, you may find boiled potato and yogurt instead of lemon juice for consistency. The tangy and savory flavor of Channa Chaat goes amazingly well with a bowl of Dahi Baray. You can find two versions of Dahi Baray, namely, Meethay/sweet Dahi Baray and the spicy Dahi Baray. Usually, people prefer the sweeter version of Dahi Baray with a plate of Channa Chaat.

Bun Kebab or Anday Wala Burger!

Have you heard about the famous Anday Wala burger or the much-loved Bun Kebab? Well, the people of Pakistan often consume this popular and scrumptious dish for dinner. Sandwiched between two buns, the Daal or Beef Kebab gets layered with a plain omelet, sliced tomato, cucumber, onion, coleslaw, lots of chutneys, ketchup, mayonnaise, and other sauces. The Bun Kebab is a rather fulfilling and irresistible meal with its brilliant flavor. Do try it out with some fries and a cold drink!

Sugarcane Juice

When the scorching summer heat seems to drain the brain, a glass of sugarcane juice can significantly boost your energy levels. Nutritious and flavorful, the sugarcane juice is the favorite drink of Pakistani masses. The sweet and savory drink is drunk fresh when the vendor crushes the sugarcane via a machine and fills those iconic tumblers.

Makai or Corn

Sometimes, when the lighter hunger pangs start to rise, one must go for the Makai or corn vendors. After slight cooking, the vendor seasons the corn grains in salt, masala, and then drizzles over the lemon juice. Makai is an ideal option for a quick snack. However, if you need something a bit more fulfilling, then you can even ask for entire corn. Simple yet flavorful, eating the corn directly from the mouth is a delightful experience.


Perhaps, the most pleasing and delightful Pakistani street food is the Khoye Ki Kulfi. The milky and sugary flavor of the Kulfi on a stick is simply irresistible. At mini Kulfi shops, you can find a variety of Kulfi in Matkas and plastic containers too.

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