Newest French Fries Variations that Everyone Must-Try

Newest French Fries Variations that Everyone Must-Try

Wandering in the Pakistani streets, you must have seen the fries Wala, patiently catering to the impatient crowds. The fries loving masses gathered around the stall, shouting ‘Bhai, please give the 10 Wala Dabba first!’ and ‘Array, first give me the 50 Wala!!’

Well, you must have also noticed the tremendous amounts of these French fries stalls in Pakistan. Almost every street has at least two-three French Fries stalls! It appears as if the presence of a French fries stall in every single Pakistani street is a necessity. Well, it probably is, considering the Potato-oriented love of the Pakistani people!

So, for all, the French fries lovers out there, get ready to upgrade your taste, and cherish next-level scrumptious fries!!

Sweet Potato Fries

Up until now, sweet potato meant the cubed Shakarkandi that vendors sell. Isn’t it? But now that a major fry-revolution has hit the world, Pakistanis have finally figured out a better use of the vegetable. No offense, Shakarkandi lovers. But it’s about time – We seriously need to explore the potential of the vegetable.

First, there’s one thing you need to know; Whether baked or deep-fried, these fries will never disappoint you. Trust me.

The only difference between the two versions (if ever) is of crispiness. At times, the baked version might not be as crispy as the fried ones. And that’s something fry-enthusiasts do not often appreciate. But remember, only the very thick ones (resembling wedges) possess that unacceptable softness. The best thing about these fries is the fact that they offer a tinge of sweetness, that regular fries do not. When sprinkled with spicy seasonings, they offer an irresistible contrast of flavors! Even more, when consumed with peel, they are highly nutritious. That’s because it provides massive amounts of high dietary fiber and Vitamin A content. Lots of new fries shops are currently offering them in Pakistan but if you don’t find one, here’s how to make it at home.

Pizza Fries

Are you craving for both pizza and fries? Well, then, pizza fries are the perfect variation to enjoy! This scrumptious delight combines the flavors of pizza and fries. Hence, producing a legendary, delicious taste!!

Pizza fries have gained much popularity in Pakistan, and one can easily find them in the nearest food place. The preparation of Pizza fries involves French fries, mozzarella, pepperoni, olives, onions, and green bell peppers. However, the ingredients may vary with the food place. At times, the pizza fries comprise merely of mozzarella, pepperoni, and fries.

Baked Greek Fries

If you have a liking for Mediterranean taste and Greek flavors, then trust me, these baked Greek fries are going to blow your mind! The fries possess a rather bold flavor with a Mediterranean twist and tangy aftertaste. So, what makes them Greek? Although the fries get baked normally, it is the seasonings that pour in the magic. While preparing the dish, one has to top it with Feta cheese, juicy tomatoes, red onions, a sprinkle of oregano, and a little bit of lemon juice. The combination is heavenly! Although this particular variation is popular worldwide, you might find only Mediterranean food places offering it in Pakistan. 

Chili Cheese Fries

If you want to savor something spicy yet cheesy, then the chili cheese fries are an idealistic option. Although the fries get baked normally, it is the topping of chili sauce and melted cheese that brings out the iconic flavors. You can find them at any local or international food place.

Shawarma Fries

Shawarma is a popular dish of Arabic cuisine and holds a significant position in Pakistan too. Probably, all of us love the burst of diverse flavors provided by this mouth-watering and fulfilling dish! Well, now, imagine a platter loaded with fries and the Shawarma contents. The saucy dish comprising of French fries, shredded chicken, vegetables, herbs, and seasonings are totally delightful. It feels as if you are eating Shawarma instead of fries. However, the Shawarma fries are amazingly light yet satisfying. Certainly, a must-try variation! Well, if you are interested in more Arabic dishes, then do read this blog.

Chipotle Fries

Are you fond of tangy, hot flavors that seem to satisfy your taste buds? Well, if so, then you ought to try the Chipotle fries. Unlike other French fries, these possess a rich burst of spicy flavors. The presence of garlic powder, cilantro, lime zest, and the Chipotle powder itself, bring a smoky, fiery flavor that’ll keep you wanting to stop but craving for more. So yeah, savoring these fries is no less than a thrilling roller coaster ride!

They also taste great when served with cheese or mayo dips. Or even better when baked with cheese. In addition to that, these fries are 98% fat-free and may provide up to 100 calories per serving.

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