Masala Family Festival 2019

Masala Family Festival 2019

Masala TV has taught me everything from the right amount of spices to the adjustment of flame. Every chef teaches the language of food in a rather unique, interesting, yet comprehensive way. Be it, Zarnak Sidhwa’s toothsome cakes and muffins or Chef Gulzar’s spicy and tempting BBQ chaskas. (Oh, and by the way, I love his energy & spirit during the show!)

The chefs and the leading food channel itself, are the pride of Pakistan. Owned by Hum-Network, the channel got, officially launched on 22nd November 2006, and to date continues to broadcast day and night. Like, the TV channel aims to spread the word of food, make the recipe knowledge common, and fuel the food-loving spirit of my native fellows.

Our respect and appreciation for the Masala TV amplified when the channel took a step further and introduced the Masala Family Festival back in 2012. Ever since then, the channel arranges the family festival every year. It unites Pakistanis under the shelter of food, music, and family love. People can meet their favorite chefs, learn from them, and participate in various activities. Let’s see what, Masala Family Festival 2019 was like!

When and Where?

The Masala Family Festival 2019 took place between January  26-27. Amidst the chilly weather, the excitement of the festivity seemed double. People blanketed in warm clothing munched onto steaming rolls while children buzzed with energy in the jumping castles. The selection of the weekend to host the event surfaced to be a good move by the management. In January, most of the families are busy with their kids’ examinations, and the weekend offered them a chance to spend a few hours at the refreshing event. More people were able to attend the festival this year than the last. Also, the event took place at the Expo Center in Karachi. The event continued throughout the day. However, the peak hours appeared to be between 10 a.m to 10 p.m. This particular food event has become an annual festivity and an integral part of Pakistani food culture.

Food Fun

Masala TV is all about food fun and so is it’s festival. Like every year, Masala Family Festival 2019 was mainly characterized by food stalls and live cooking shows from various renowned master chefs of Pakistan, including:

  • Shireen Apa
  • Chef Zarnak
  • Rida Aftab
  • Chef Mehboob
  • Chef Basim Akhund

The chefs give out their secret tips and tricks and teach some unique and delicious dishes. Being one of the biggest family food festivals in Pakistan, it also features an international food court, which represents all the following cuisines:

  • Pakistani
  • Chinese
  • Italian
  • American
  • Thai
  • Chinese
  • Singaporean, etc.

Visitors can not only try some appetizing dishes from these cuisines but also explore and learn about the diverse food taste of the whole wide world!

Lots of Entertainment

Apart from an outstanding food exhibition, the Masala Family Festival 2019 brought along a lot of fun and entertainment. The festival had a few interesting divisions, including a shopping festival, kids arena, pet show, bike show, fireworks, and a car show. The event proved to be an ultimate entertainment solution for all types of audiences. The management had arranged a shopping festival for the adult population to engage in purposeful activities other than food. The shopping festival comprised of clothing apparel, electronic devices, furniture, home decor, and much more. The diversity of categories allowed people to shop conveniently.

The Masala Family Festival 2019 also proved to be a fun paradise for kids and toddlers. A proper kids arena showcased the magic show by expert magicians and a puppet show by specialist firms. There was even a mini circus in which comedians exhibited their talent and made the young audience laugh out loud. For older kids, the Masala Family Festival 2019 featured an exotic jumping castle in the shape of a fierce dragon!

To add a bit more fun, Masala Family Festival 2019 combined a few exceptional shows, including pet show, car show, and bike show. People had brought their cats, dogs, and birds to participate in the pet show. Whereas, the others stopped by to marvel at them, take pictures, and enjoy the day. The car show exhibited various famous vintage cars. It was an enthralling show for car enthusiasts and collectors. Perhaps, the most exciting was the bike show in which different experts showcased their talent.

The Masala Family Festival 2019 also brought together a few celebrities to add to the charm of the event. The performances made by the popular singer Asim Azhar became the highlight of the event. The famous band Fuzon also performed at the festival and brightened up the atmosphere with their amazing songs.

Masala Family Festival 2019, in Lahore?

The Masala Family Festival 2019 in Karachi gained much popularity, and the management received a positive response from the audience. Now that the Masala Family Festival has charged the Karachites with energy, it is moving towards the city of gardens, Lahore. The second Masala Family Festival of the year 2019 is due in November in Lahore. Similar to Karachites, the Lahoris are impatiently waiting for the event to begin and enthrall them with its outstanding features. The event combines food, fun, and entertainment to form the perfect refreshing fusion. With November waiting around the corner, let’s wait and watch the Masala Family Festival unravel its entertainment treasure trove.

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