Karachi Eat Festival - All You Need To Know

Karachi Eat Festival – All You Need To Know

Karachi Eat Festival-a new addition to the exotic, buzzing Karachi culture has not only grasped every food-lovers attention but of every individual in and out of Karachi. Well, we are talking about a food festival here, and Pakistanis love food unconditionally!

The Origin and Concept

The concept of the Karachi Eat Festival was first established in the winters of 2016. The event met massive positive response by inviting a wide variety of food brands into one place. Thus, shaping and transforming the Karachite culture drastically, where the love for food further deepened.

Originally, the ideology behind Karachi Eat Festival was to introduce new flavors, and food trends into Karachi by bringing together various food brands in one place. The KET team wanted to start the event in public parks to accomplish their objectives gradually. However, the rapid registrations of food stalls and, ticket booking indicated that the event required a larger area to accommodate the food-lovers.

The 3-days of the event were met by intense enthusiasm, and this encouraged the KET team to host the event annually. Ever since then, KET is held every year in Karachi and, now the event is expanding to other cities, like Lahore and Islamabad.

The Food

Variation is an element that lingers in the atmosphere of the Karachi Eat Festival. With a vast pool of food variety, you can find food brands ranging from Sol to Saniya’s Kitchen. Also, the specialty of the festival is that you can find homemade food as well as commercially made one. Thus, making it a suitable place for everyone to dine in. What’s more? The Karachi Eat Festival has introduced the restriction of customized food on the stall owners. So, that one can cherish exceptional high-quality and enthralling food in one place.

 Apart from that, the event does not merely provide variation, but food quality too. All the food gets prepared in front of the visitor’s eyes, and the conditions are ensured to be hygienic.

Atmosphere and Entertainment

Apart from the exotic food range, the Karachi Eat Festival offers a captivating and energy-filled atmosphere that will surely brighten up anyone’s mood.  If you are feeling a little blue and gloomy, then attending the Karachi Eat Festival is the best possible solution! The mouth-watering and aromatic food will not only satisfy your cravings, but the lively atmosphere will revitalize your soul.

Even more, the presence of celebrities mingled up in the crowd is an additional charm. Imagine standing in the queue of a food stall, when you bump into your favorite TV show celebrity! Also, each year, the management organizes a few concerts of famous Pakistani bands like Kashmir, Tamasha, and many more. So, if you are a music-lover, cheer-up because the Karachi Eat Festival is surely going to leave you buzzed.

Karachi Eat Festival 2018  

The objective behind 2018’s Karachi Eat Festival shifted slightly with the focus on making the event more larger and better than before. The event was held in the Shaheed Benazir Bhutto park on the 12-14th January with the management aiming to open the food festival doors to a wider audience. Also, the Karachi Eat Festival now hosted a greater number of stalls and vendors that is 125.

Successfully, masses of people crowded the place from day to night,  and several food brands got an opportunity to bring forward their specialty. Moreover, the music concerts proved to be a central point or the heart of the event, where all the passionate food-lovers gathered and ate. The music concerts featured Atif Aslam, Fuzon, Asim Azhar, and many more.

There was even a fun area organized by Onederland so that children and kids remain busy and entertained. The Karachi Eat Festival 2018 surely was another spectacular event, though the ticket prices were now Rs.300.

Karachi Eat Festival 2019 – Video Credits: KarachiStreetView – Pakistan

Karachi Eat Festival 2019

In 2019, the Karachi Eat Festival came with a newer motive to bring out the creative and innovative food names in front of the Karachite audience. Now, the food festival held in Beach Park, Clifton had merely 90-stalls. During registration, the KET management set up criteria to qualify that is to create one unique dish for the event only. The step worked miraculously, and the food festival brought an assortment of unusual dishes together, like Butter Beer from Harry Potter. Also, the occasion was held between January 10-13.


Karachi Eat Festival is, undeniably, the best representation of the Pakistani love for food. Although Pakistani food love dates several years back, there was no platform where different food innovators could share their talent.

Karachi Eat Festival has brought the ongoing trend of food festivals in not only Karachi but other cities too. For example, the food festival organized by Coke, the Coke fest. Currently, the Karachi Eat management has leaked plans about the festival in the upcoming year to be bigger than before and better.

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