Broccoli Coffee - The New Cool

Broccoli Coffee – The New Cool

Lattes, espresso, cappuccino, mocha-perhaps, a majority of us might have already tried out the different types of coffee. Certainly, we all love the refreshing and revitalizing taste of coffee, don’t we? But, sitting in a coffee shop, stirring the steaming cup of black coffee, not many of you would have thought about broccoli coffee? Well, this is a topic that has grasped the entire food-passionate world population’s attention.

Although the hate for broccoli has prompted many to criticize the new addition, it has more benefits than the vegetable itself!

Where did it come from?

Innovation in basic coffee seems sane and sensible. But who on earth thought of broccoli coffee?! Well, the mere name of this new and unique form of coffee might have made you question the same; who’s the genius green geek?

If we trace the origins of this rather nutritious cup of coffee, you’d be surprised to know it’s a 21st-century thing. It is how the food and health trends have evolved and advanced, if you may say.

The green idea did not sprout up from one geeky mind only. Rather it was an outcome of a collective effort from an entire group. (Whether we’re thankful or not, we’ll sort that out later!) Back to the concept, it developed in Australia’s renowned and dedicated research and agricultural departments, namely CSIRO or Commonwealth Scientific and Research Organization and Hort Innovation.

The departments became concerned about the health of their fellow natives after conducting a diet survey. Results of the survey stated that 80% of the adult Australian population did not consume the required amount of fruit & vegetables as per the national dietary guidelines. Hence, the genius minds came up with a dehydrated, dark green powder made from the air or freeze-dried broccoli buds. It was then infused into coffee to make it palatable and easy-to-consume.

Accepting Mary Ann’s (the lead researcher of CSIRO) suggestion, the science departments are working on the Broccoli powder project. They plan to develop the powder further and incorporate it into other beverages like smoothies as well as snacks and baked goods.

Nutritional Stats

Since broccoli coffee is a derivation of the broccoli powder, its nutritional value is the same too. According to broccoli coffee developers, two tablespoons of broccoli powder has the nutritional content of the one whole vegetable.

Belonging to the cruciferous family, the broccoli has a high concentration of Glucosinolates, the healthy compounds. These healthy compounds get activated at the time of either chewing or chopping broccoli. Comprising of broccoli, broccoli coffee has cancer-inhibiting properties. The anti-oxidant beta-carotene is present in high amounts, which inflicts anti-cancer effects on the human body. Also, the availability of calcium and folate means healthy cell growth and development.

According to a study conducted at the Department of food science and human nutrition, University of Illinois, the broccoli-powder supplemented food and drinks, such as broccoli coffee, improve the liver and colon health. The two organs are the center of detoxification and involve several anti-oxidants as well as enzymes. The broccoli coffee can enhance the anti-oxidant and enzyme activity significantly.

Moreover, fibromyalgia patients may notice health improvements from the intake of broccoli coffee as it prevents the absorption of toxins. Hence, consuming broccoli coffee may augment one’s digestive system.

Other Ways to Use Broccoli Powder

No wonder, the idea of sipping up this coffee is creeping you out already. A majority did not approve of the idea of messing up with their coffee. But there’s good news; Broccoli coffee is not the only healthy drink that one can prepare from broccoli powder. There are several other ways to use this green, nutrient-rich powder in our daily meals.

You can replace the spinach powder or any other green powder in your smoothies, soups, dips, and sauces. To avail the complete nutriment of the powder, avoid exposing the powder to heat. Add it when serving the dish or at the end of the cooking process (with minimal heat encounter). You can even add it to pasta dough or egg-based dishes.

Is the Broccoli Coffee worth trying?- Final Remarks  

Masses have despised the new coffee variation merely because of its link to the much-hated broccoli. Indeed, the broccoli coffee does have that greenish tint and tastes somewhat similar to the vegetable. However, brushing away the nutritious drink only because of taste and appearance is, undeniably, an unwise decision. The nutrient-packed broccoli coffee can boost one’s health significantly. Hence, it is a must-try option. But, if you truly fear the return of the childhood broccoli feels, then you can add in a few flavorings.  

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    Adding brocolli to coffee is probably a gross idea😐. Though, the blog is well-written, good job! 😉

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