Biryani with Aloo – Yay or Nay?

Biryani with Aloo – Yay or Nay?

Yesterday, as I brought the Biryani platter to the table, I watched expressions change. Only 5 minutes ago, all my friends were anticipating the flavor of today’s Biryani. And now, some faces had an ear to ear grin while some had an agonized frown. After about a minute of complete silence, a friend gestured for passing the dish on, while another sparked off an unending debate with only two words;

                                                  Alooooooo kiunnn?!!

Well, the evening ended fine, but that sure is a steaming topic. For a long time now, we’ve observed people getting furious over the mere addition or elimination of potato.

The reason, these differing opinions have got the better of the nation is the fact that we LOVE biryani. Perhaps, that explains why we are so sensitive about it. The prevailing debate has gained so much attention that it even got featured in a recent advertisement by Sprite.

Today, however, we seek an answer. Which of the two says have a better stance? What’s the resolution? And what’s the spirit of resolution? Let’s find out!

So, where did the GAW (Great Aloo War) begun?

Well, the place where the sacred and revolutionary Great Aloo War (GAW) begun, is as unique as the essence of this debate. In November 2017, Jeremy McLellan started a poll on Twitter in attempts of settling the issue. While taking the initiative, the American Standup Comedian did not realize what a critical and sensitive matter it is.

Soon enough, the social media platform flooded with an array of opinions and views. The Great Aloo War was no more a national issue. Instead, our armies expanded internationally with comrades from almost every part of the world.

Some bashed out at the chicken biryani lovers, saying that how can one not love potato when it’s been with us through the thick and thin of this fried-up life. While the other force launched attacks with statements like: “Aloo biryani lovers shall first learn the basic biryani recipe.”

In only 24 hours, 14,334 votes got cast. And the war initiated by this self-proclaimed Biryani extremist had a 50/50 result.

Later in January 2018, Manal Aijaz’s poll on the same platform became a re-fueling agent for the temporarily ceased war. She declared that whichever biryani receives the greatest votes, stays. The other shall not only lose but struck-off from the types of biryani list.

The battlefield (Twitter) remained rackety for five consecutive days, with Karachites calling Lahoris Paindu for Aloo-less biryani and vice versa. The results, however, disheartened Karachites, and they called for re-elections, claiming that the elections got rigged. Biryani without aloo won from biryani with aloo by only one percent. On the other side, chicken or plain biryani lovers were found celebrating and arranging the funeral of Aloo biryani. Despite two major trials, GAW remains a subject of debate.

Aloo’s Stance

With the biryani war raging on, masses of people sided with either Chicken or Aloo. Amidst the chaos, some got torn between them both.

If you too are a Chicken Biryani lover, let me tell you that Aloo is nowhere behind it. The slightly sweet and mushy potatoes with the spicy rice taste unexplainably delicious. When one takes a spoonful of Biryani with Aloo, the plain and meager sweetness of the potato acts as a contrast to the tangy and fragrant rice. The Biryani with Aloo gives a more balanced flavor due to this contrast. The potato in it suppresses the sudden spiciness of the rice and prevents one from quickly taking refuge with a glass of water.

Apart from that, Aloo proves to be super beneficial for one’s health. Potato has a high concentration of carbohydrates, moderate concentration of proteins, fibers, vitamins, minerals, and minimal fats. Also, potato comprises of a special resistant starch that helps depreciate insulin resistance, which in return improves blood sugar levels. This particular resistant starch is a source of nutrients for the useful bacteria in our digestive system.  The breakdown of resistant starch by bacteria produces butyrate, a fatty acid. The butyrate reduces inflammation in the colon and strengthens its defenses. Hence, potato can improve the digestive system significantly. Moreover, a potato has higher amounts of antioxidants that reduce the chances of chronic diseases. Concisely, putting Aloo in Biryani can not merely augment the taste but, make the meal extra-healthy!

And the Jury Hereby Declares… 

Undeniably, the Biryani with Aloo, bear it, is a scrumptious meal packed with numerous nutrients. As a chicken biryani lover, you may find it hard to accept but face it. The nutritional value of potato elevates its presence in Biryani. As far as the taste is concerned, it varies from individual to individual. You may be disregarding the recipe but, you might love it in the future. Taste buds change with time so, its no use debating over the subject.

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