Apples: Nutrition, Benefits, and Fun Facts

Apples: Nutrition, Benefits, and Fun Facts

Even as a kid, we get introduced to an apple as if it’s a medicine (as it keeps the doctor away!). We believe the red-colored, and often green or even yellow-colored fruit to have some magical healing properties.

Now, with better knowledge of things, the mind questions: why was it like that? Why do apples have such a reputation? Or is it even real?

To get the answers to these mind-boggling questions is the aim of this blog. So, let’s not waste a moment more, and let’s see for ourselves what this juicy, red fruit beholds.

Nutritional Value

Although apples offer all the essential nutrients for the human body, there are particularly abundant in carbs, sugar, water, and fiber. A 100-grams of raw, unpeeled apple can provide the following nutrients:

  • Calories: 56-calories
  • Carbs: 13.8-grams
  • Water: 86%  
  • Fiber:2.4-grams

Carbs, also called carbohydrates, are the simple sugars required by our body. These include sucrose, fructose, and glucose. The simple sugars are the first nutrients to get broken down when our body needs energy.

Although apples are rich in sugars, they have a low GI (glycemic index). The GI index indicates the rise of blood sugar levels after eating.

Apples also provide lots of fiber in a single serving. It offers both soluble and insoluble fiber. Hence, keeping our digestive system healthy and functional.

Moreover, apples contain ample amounts of vitamins as well as minerals, such as Vitamin-C and potassium. It also has some plant compounds, including Quercetin, Catechin, and Chlorogenic acid.

Benefits of Apples

Now that you know the entire nutrition profile of this rather captivating and undeniably juicy fruit, I believe you can at least imagine the benefits that it seems to promise. To begin with, let’s consider the use of its high fiber and water content.

Even though this fruit is less energy-dense, it still gives a fulfilling feeling, thanks to its fiber content. According to research, people who consumed slices of apple before a meal consumed 200 lesser calories as compared to those who didn’t. Thus, indicating that apples may reduce the excessive consumption of food, aiding in weight loss, and assisting diet control.

Secondly, the soluble fiber present in this white-fleshed fruit also lowers the cholesterol levels in the body. Hence, decreasing the risk of a heart attack or developing heart disease. Studies even suggest that consuming about 1/5th cup of apple slices reduces the chances of stroke with about 9 percent.

What’s more, eating one apple can provide you the nutrients of all fruits! Yes, that’s right. The recommended daily consumption of fruits should be equivalent to at least one cup of fruits that gives you 2000 calories. Consuming an average-sized apple gives you the nutrition of about 1.5 cups of fruit!

Fun Facts about Apples

When eating those juicy pieces of apple or simmering a bowlful of apples for a pie, remember that these red-colored fruits have made an exciting history. An apple has a lot of fun facts about it that can leave you amazed. Do you not believe me? Well, then here are the top fun facts about apples. Read more to unravel!

There appears to be a history of fun facts associated with apples. These red-colored fruits have some interesting facts about them that can amaze any individual.

  1. Apples belong to the rose family.
  2. There are around 8000 varieties of apples.
  3. Apple trees have a lifespan of 100-years.
  4. The energy from 50-leaves produces one apple.
  5. It takes 4-5years before the apple tree produces its first fruit.
  6. The study of apple-growing gets called Pomology.
  7. China holds the position of the largest producer of apples.
  8. Both the world’s largest and most expensive apple came from Japan.
  9. Crabapple is native to North America only.
  10. Apples ripen five times more quickly at room temperature than in the fridge.
  11. An apple tree can produce around 840-pounds of fruit.
  12. Back in time, the apple juice was a popular anti-depressant.


Apples certainly do have some magical healing and nourishing properties. Don’t you think? They are just as rich on the inside as they are on the outside. So, it’s best to believe and practice what they use to say; eat an apple a day and shoo all the doctors and medicines away! But remember to do justice with the implementation. You must eat an apple a day and not drink or consume any processed forms. There’s no point to it otherwise!

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