5-Quick Midnight Snacks

5-Quick Midnight Snacks

The clock strikes 12, the owl outside hoots creepily, the snoring next door gets louder, your mind tries to focus on the document, and amidst the scenario, a tremendous growling rises from your stomach, taking away all the little concentration you managed. Well, midnight hunger surely is an unpredictable and unreasonable phenomenon. Almost every late-night worker has to battle this challenging manifestation to carry on.

The cravings of scrumptious and mouth-watering meals are simply irresistible, especially when studying a chapter for the exam tomorrow seems like a daunting task. If you also are in search of a solution to satisfy this midnight craving without disturbing everyone? Are you unable to find some delicious midnight snacks? Well, then dive in to unravel some delicious and quick midnight snack ideas!

1. Bread Pizza

I know, dinners are an 8-pm thing with all the folks sitting around the table, munching on the meal together. But, what to do when your stomach demands a second dinner? A craving so strong you feel like gobbling down everything within your reach.  What if all the nuts, popcorns, cheese blocks, and the bananas in the pantry are unable to satisfy your hunger? In such a situation, my friend, all you need is a pizza. Certainly, you cannot ring the restaurant for delivery and wake everybody up. So a little compromise on the crust please. Go with a bread pizza, and trust me, you won’t look at leftover bread pieces, the way you did before.

For a perfect bread pizza, take a few bread slices, some chopped veggies, a small block of cheese, ketchup, salt and pepper for taste. Place the bread slices on a plate, spread a layer of ketchup, add chopped veggies, and sprinkle lots of grated cheese. Place them in an oven or microwave for a few minutes, and your bread pizzas are ready! You can replace veggies with shredded chicken, meat, or any other ingredient.

2. Cereal & Milk

Apart from being a nutritious breakfast, the cereal and milk form an amazing midnight snack. Just grab the cereal box available in your pantry and a milk bottle. However, if you want to make your midnight snack a bit healthier, then go with a bowl of hot cereal, whole-grain cereal, or bran cereal. Avoid sugary cereals as they are highly-processed with considerable amounts of additives or preservatives. You can add a few fruits or nuts to make your cereal and milk super healthy!

3. PBJ Sandwich

Restless on your pillow, dreaming of creamy chocolates and squishy candies? Unable to forsake the flamboyant vision of Willy Wonka’s factory, with Oompa Loompa’s closing in on you, singing;

“Oompa Loompa, hey young little brain,

Where you goin’, your stomach’s in pain.

Attack the fridge, grab some sweets,

Come on, have some guts, here’s your chance to a yummy midnight treat.”

 But you’re very well aware that there are no sweets in the fridge. What to do then?!

Worry not! Just grab two slices of bread and place them straight on a plate. Take two spoonfuls of peanut butter and use it to glaze a side of one of the two slices. Then, take two spoonfuls of Jelly or Jam (preferably strawberry or apple jam) and spread it evenly on the other slice. Then, press the two slices together, cut it diagonally, and microwave it for about 10 seconds. You can even add marshmallows to this sugary sandwich, to double up the delight.

Also, it happens to be an incredibly effective and healthy midnight snack, as the peanut butter provides tryptophan. It is an amino acid that converts into melatonin in the brain, thus reducing alertness and stimulating sleep. Furthermore, the carbohydrates from bread, jam, and marshmallow increase the availability of tryptophan to the brain.

4. Noodle Soup & Poached Egg

This finger-licking and scrumptious delight trace its roots to the Japanese food culture. The hot soupy noodles, with the poached egg, taste exceptionally good! Trust me, whenever midnight hunger strikes me, this delicious dish is my ultimate solution (if my pantry allows me some spare eggs, and instant noodle packets!).

Unlike the rest, this particular midnight snack recipe requires around 15-20minutes. First, bring the water to boil, add a packet or two of instant noodles, and the tastemaker. When you have cooked the noodles, add an egg, cover the pan, let it simmer for a minute, and close off the flames. The egg will cook in the steam so, don’t remove the lid for about 5-8minutes. Enjoy your midnight snack with a few croutons!

5. Oatmeal

Amongst all the midnight snacks listed in this blog, Oatmeal has the strongest stance against Midnight Snacks are Unhealthy debate. An oatmeal bowl with fat-free milk, a few dry fruits, maple syrup, and cinnamon (if you like) provides ample fiber, which lowers your cholesterol levels substantially. Along with being one of the easiest and quick midnight snacks, it is also the healthiest. It will even help you beat insomnia, as warm oats promote the release of serotonin, which relaxes the mind and helps you float into the world of dreams.

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