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With an amazing cuisine to offer, the Koyla Chai is one of the most famous food places in Karachi. Apart from the mouth-watering food, you can expect a much lively atmosphere that buzzes with energy. You can visit the place at any time, and cherish quality time with friends, family, and relatives. To maintain the atmospheric energy, the management of Koyla Chai regularly arranges various events, such as Qawali night and concerts.

Continuing with its tradition, now Koyla Chai presents the Grand Fries Festival. Filled with food and enthrallment, the Grand Fries Festival will unleash a new thrilling experience for you. Held between 5-9 pm, the Koyla Chai will serve a diversity of new French fries flavors to all. You can try all types of French fries variations and savor the ultimate tastes! All sizes of fries will be available from regular to foot-long. There will also be a live musical night afterward. Come and enjoy the Grand Fries Festival from 22-24 November.